Motivo Engineering - ReBranding

ReBranding of Motivo Engineering. Challenge Motivo engineering is made up of passionate professionals wanting to be perceived as a talented and super cool, dynamic organization. To achieve, a revamp of the Brand Personality was order of the day; and that’s when we stepped in. The challenge was to create an Identity that would convey the intended message of a well-grounded solid structured company with an edginess of a Startup. Approach Understanding the Motivo way was the starting point, giving us enough to structure a course of Identity. Experimentation and Innovation were to be the precision points, as they were the backbone of the company. The Identity evolved to be bold and stable, through customized type. Slight inclination in the type, projects a motion, giving way to an evolutionary personality to the brand. Red reflects the ‘young’ while grey represents ‘solid’ making for a sharp and edgy Identity. The flow of the brand was further channelized into collaterals and web space creating a holistic experience for the customer.

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