Nautanki Gali

To Create an Authentic Rural Indian Experience for Urban People, our client wanted us to work on the look and Feel of the Restaurant along with Environmental Graphics, Cutlery, Collaterals like Table Mats, Bill Folders, Menu Cards and also wanted us to name the place so as to give a total feel of an Quirky Indian Village. The Experience was to make the people forget the present and get lost in a Village atmosphere! We took inspirations from Truck Art, Auto rickshaw Art, Rural Street Graphics and did an in-depth study of how a Village functions. We derived the name based on our research and the name says “Gali” – a lane where “Nautanki” – entertainment takes center stage. The Identity is designed keeping in mind the colorful and fun environment that a Village Scene offers. On-site entertainment like Puppet Show, Mehendi Art further added to the environment. The Complete Brand teases all the five senses and makes for a very enjoyable experience!

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