TruWeight - Mobile App Design

Challenge People like to be in good shape and fit internally as well as externally. We were given a challenge to design a Mobile app and a website for these people making it experiential for them to maintain and loose weight through super foods. Approach We followed a simple approach of making it fun to loose weight, as that can be really mind-boggling at times! The interaction was the key, as the user had to maintain a record of diet plans, appointments and weight loss. It is hence kept simple to navigate with ease, with an approach based on Iconography. Iconography helped in ease of visual interpretation as well as in fun to use. Colors and typeface provide for the design edge visually. The user is given total importance by delivering an easy to use app and website through correct flow, navigation and visual appeal thus creating an enriching experience. We have design a mobile app to help customer and counselors keep a track on the weight and be informed.

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