Challenge Religion runs deep within the society, and our client decided to tap just that opportunity. So he ropes us in to design an Identity for his venture ‘Online Temple’ where in people can order ‘Prasadam’ online, and get blessings at any time and place. Approach Creating a brand personality that would appeal to devout people was paramount, and necessary. The type, color palette, use of iconography needed to be free of any ulterior motive or identity. We decided to keep it simple and use a visual language that would connect with any body. Getting blessings through the flow of energy through hand, is how people understand, and that’s just what we used, ‘a palm’ with the index finger indicating the online nature of the service. Orange color is synonymous with religion, easily attracting the devout and religious. The brand system is kept fresh and does just what the brand requires ‘create a divinity online’.

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